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Full Stack Developer


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<h1>Wentao Liu</h1>

<p>I'm a full stack developer living in Melbourne, Australia.</p>


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About me

I am a full stack developer with a master's degree in Information Technology. Currently, I am employed in a FinTech company and involved in developing the home lending systems in ANZ Bank, with Java and JavaScript. I also write codes in Ruby and Python for my side projects. Besides coding, I am a video gamer, an occasional blogger and a rational environmentalist.


The University of Melbourne 2019 Melbourne, Australia
Master of Information Technology (with Distinction)
Tongji University 2016 Shanghai, China
Bachelor of Engineering


Sandstone Technology Melbourne, Australia
Graduate Developer


Deceptive Path Planning with Reinforcement Learning
Artificial intelligenceReinforcement learningPythonTensorFlow
Applied Q-learning and deep Q-learning to solve deceptive path planning problems. A model-free solution, but reached above 90% performance of the model-based approach. Implemented with Python, NumPy and TensorFlow.
Relationship Prediction in Social Networks
Machine learningData analysisPythonScikit-learn
Statistical Machine Learning Coursework. Extracted features based on the triadic closure theory. Applied multi-layer perceptron with scikit-learn. Entered the top 20% in the Kaggle in-class competition.
Distributed Multi-Server Messaging Network
Distributed systemsTCP socketsJava
Distributed Systems Coursework. Implemented a distributed messaging broadcasting network with Java Socket. Achieved auto load balance, fault tolerance and eventual consistency.
Imitagram: A Clone of the Instagram APIs
RESTful APIDjangoAndroid
Mobile Computing Systems Programming Coursework. Developed a Django backend that implemented public APIs of Instagram. Collaborated to develop an Android app implementing more than 20 features in the official one.
Ruby on RailsPostgreSQLjQueryCI
Online Knowledge Management System for Research Teams. A CMS customised for medium to large scale research teams. Built from scratch with Ruby on Rails, MongoDB and PostgreSQL. Deployed automated tests and continuous integration with Travis-CI.
React.jsReduxJavaScriptRuby on Rails API-only
A Combination of Online Blogging and Notebooks. Built RESTful APIs with Ruby on Rails, authenticated with JSON Web Token. Developed a single page application with React, bundled with Webpack.

Activities & Awards

2013Scholarship of Academic Excellence
Tongji University
2014Scholarship of Academic Excellence
Tongji University
2014Third-class Prize of Database Applications
Computer Application Skills Competition, Shanghai
2015Scholarship of Social Practice
GuGuowei-Shanghai TongJi Engineering Consulting Scholarship Foundation
2016Green Seed Plan Scholarship
UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) - IESD (Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development, Tongji University)
2018Professional Translator (from English into Chinese)
NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translator and Interpreters)

Recent posts

Vulnerabilities in Password Reset Process

25 May 2019

The "Forgot password" feature could be one of the most vulnerable parts in a website.

Deceptive Path Planning with Reinforcement Learning

22 March 2019

The deceptive path planning problem is to generate a path that the likelihood of an observer successfully identifying the destination is minimised.

Control Your Nintendo Switch via PC

10 January 2019

Control Nintendo Switch console via python from your PC or Mac, with simple Arduino hardware.

Imitagram - A Clone of Instagram APIs

25 October 2018

A Django backend that implemented public APIs of Instagram.

Relationship Prediction in Social Networks

04 September 2018

In real world social networks, predicting the relationship between two users is an important but also challenging task.


Control your Nintendo Switch on your PC (WIP)

  • Arduino hardware working as a bridge between the Switch and computer.
  • Send simulated controller instructions with any programming language.


China WWTP Sludge Map

An interactive map built with D3.js