Wentao Liu

Today, 1:06

Hi there 👋,

I'm Wentao,

a full stack developer with a front-end focus.

Today, 1:11

From the front-end to the back-end, I am passionate about all aspects of programming.

I am dedicated to helping businesses and organisations achieve their goals through the power of programming.

Currently, I work at Block as a Software Engineer, building innovative and effective healthcare payment solutions.

Prior to Block, I worked for Sandstone and was involved in the modernisation of Home Loan systems in the ANZ Bank.

Today, 1:14

In my professional capacity as a developer, I primarily use Java, Kotlin and React with TypeScript.

But I also have a personal interest in exploring a wider range of technologies through side projects in my spare time.

You can view a selection of my open-source projects on my Github account


Occasionally I write up blog posts discussing noteworthy projects or concepts that I have been engaged with.

Today, 1:20

I'm currently located in Melbourne, Australia.

You can contact me by email, I'll try my best to get back to you!

My Gmail username is liuwnt.

Today, 1:24

I'm not active in social media.

But you may find me on LinkedIn


I use Twitter also


Today, 1:26

Let's keep in touch!