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Vulnerabilities in Password Reset Process

25 May 2019

The "Forgot password" feature could be one of the most vulnerable parts in a website.

Deceptive Path Planning with Reinforcement Learning

22 March 2019

The deceptive path planning problem is to generate a path that the likelihood of an observer successfully identifying the destination is minimised.

Control Your Nintendo Switch via PC

10 January 2019

Control Nintendo Switch console via python from your PC or Mac, with simple Arduino hardware.

Imitagram - A Clone of Instagram APIs

25 October 2018

A Django backend that implemented public APIs of Instagram.

Relationship Prediction in Social Networks

04 September 2018

In real world social networks, predicting the relationship between two users is an important but also challenging task.

Distributed Multi-Server Messaging Network

12 June 2018

Implemented a distributed messaging broadcasting network with Java Socket. Achieved auto load balance, fault tolerance and eventual consistency.

China WWTP Sludge Map

01 September 2016

An interactive map for data visualization.

Campus Health Information Management System

01 May 2014

This database application was developed for Shanghai Computer Application Skills Competition.

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